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Seminar with ITF President Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa
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ITF Vice-President Volmir Ligay, and ITF Public Relations Committee Chairman / ITF Press Secretary Chris Jeong. Their arrival was awaited by all ITF members, preparation began as much as 6 months beforehand to this upcoming event. The main purpose was to hold a seminar in Vladivostok organized by ITF-Russia (INO# 577) and gathered more then 150 ITF students from Russia, China and Korea. As was the advertisement of Taekwon-do martial arts, evaluation of the russian ITF students potential, discussion of future events, management of Taekwon-Do ITF and its' development in the region.

During the delegation's stay in Primorye's capital Vladivostok, a seminar was lead by the ITF President on the 26th-27th of September in one of VSUES's sports complexes. During the seminar the president was assisted by master Nasriddin Talipov VII degree.

The first day of the seminar started with the explaining the principles of Taekwon-Do and the meaning of “DO”. After that the seminar concentrated on ITF fundamental movements and technique. But not only were there instructions and speeches about the technical part of patterns and movements in Taekwon-do, but also everyone could trace a philosophical note throughout the whole seminar. If the task was to attack, at once President Choi had a phrase which said that the learning of how to fight was to stop the fighting. Participants from green belt to 7th Dan from all parts of Russia, Korea and China participated in the seminar, and even a few children with some physical and mental disabilities
The second day of seminar started with kicking and punching drills.  In the end of the second day we have a degree promotion. Vladivostok had the chance to show its' hospitality in respect of the delegation the longest among all other cities.

Next on the list was Yssurisk city not too far from Vladivostok. The ITF delegation was able to attend a centre for people with disabilities. This centre received awards from the countries' government for being recognized as the best centre for disabled people. Over there the delegation saw a tour of the centre, the activities the disabled participate in, a lot of them in sports activities too, and a demonstration by the learners of Yssurisks' ITF club which not only the delegation could contemplate but the disabled students as well. As mentioned earlier, Taekwon-do is believed to have a positive effect also on people with some disabilities as their body and mind adjust, maybe not so quick but in time astounding results for the parents and learners themselves are being achieved. The Yssurisk Mayer- Nikolay Rudi welcomed Choi Jung Hwa, his right hand volmir ligay and press secretary to the city. This city is the home of the former ITF President of Primorsky Krai Valeriy Khang which immediately lets you know because of the most famous sports centre of the city named Taekwon-do land.

Another quite small but yet with a large number of ITF followers the city of Artyem . Here the same as in the city before, the delegation was welcomed by the Mayor — Vladimir Novikov. A demonstration was shown by all students of Taekwon-do in Artyem. As it was the 3rd city so far visited by the President, with such little time yet he already noticed and mentioned that the level of training, specifically the patterns or forms are exact to the initial ones. Followed by an interview from a tv program with the youngest reporters and viewers in Primorsky Krai-teenagers, President Choi Jung Hwa described the differences of patterns and martial arts before and now. As he said taekwon-do is such an art that takes a lot from the human being, unlike others where movements of animals were taken as a basis, so physics is a key to this art meaning anybody could do taekwon-do and knowing the rules-create power and force.

At last the delegation arrived to the final and probably now most conclusive city. The city of Nakhaodka is now the centre of Taekwon-do in Primorsky Krai. It has the largest number of ITF participants in the region. As its'''' headquarters are located in Nahodka , so is the Primorsky Krai ITF president Roman Karchemkin. He had been leading the delegation through their journey in Primorye and thanks to whom there has been such an experience of holding a seminar and such in the region. Having met the cities mayor Oleg Kolyadin the closing ceremony and demonstration of President Choi's visit followed where roman Karchemkin was presented with the honorary IV  dan. In the ITF president's final speech he concluded that he did not expect but Russian ITF students and instructors have excellent pattern technique and mentioned great hospitality from all Russians. In each city he also talked about having great instructors without whom there wouldn't be such big progress.


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