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Master Parm Rai Master Class in Germany
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On friday 2nd of october Master Rai arrived in Duesseldorf Aiport and was picked up by our Event Manager Ms. Alexandridou and was brought to his hotel for a break and lunch. In the afternoon he met Master Braemer at his home and they had a chat until the dinner.
On saturday the Master Class started on time in Dortmund with approx. 60 participants. Also Master Zondag, Master Zonsveld and Master Braemer were attending. After a short introdution Master Rai started the warm up by himself with some exercises nobody saw before. But everybody enjoyed it.
Then Master Rai went into Basic techniques. He explained that it is not nessecary to train advanced techniques if you don''t do the basics correctly. In the patterns we went from Chon Ji to Yul Gok and everybody realized that he has to correct some mistakes. Yong Gae was shown by some 4th, 5th and 6th Degree and then corrected by Master Rai and Master Braemer.
After a break we continued with some basics and self defence techniques, while Master Zonsveld made some lessons with the colored belts up to 4th kup.
The seminar ended with some stories of Master Rai and some explanations about do and etiquette.
Everybody really enjoyed the seminar.
Unfortunately we had no more time because Master Rai had to leave on sunday at 3 o''clock in the morning but we had a nice dinner in the hotel with some 30 persons.
So we want to thank you, Master Rai, that you took the time to come to germany gave this great seminar. Also with want to thank Master Zondag and Master Zonsveld for attending and support us. We believe we really have a good friendship.
Thanks to all participants making it possible to hosst the seminar.


Written by: Anastasia Alexandridou - 5th October 2015

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