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Report of 1st African open ITF TKD championship and 7th IIC
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Ethiopian Tae –kwon-do Association is a national association which shows promising improvement and growth from time to time and it is now on an international level. Hence, the association prepares annual instructors course. This year’s course, organized by the association was held on Aug 7/2015 led by Master Kiros G/Meskel, and also assisted by Mr. MATTHEW BRUNGER of the UK ITF Tae-kwon-do.

The course is organized for the 7the times in Ethiopia, and 578 people were participated. Participants from Kenya, India, and USA were presented to this 1st African open competition and ITF course. The course and the competition was inaugurated by minister of the national sport ministry. The honorable minister also conferred presents prepared by the association on Ms. Amanda and Mr. Matt of USA, Mr. Matthew of England, sabum David of Kenya, and of Mr. Sabir India. who came to support the association in material as well as to participate in competitions. Mr. Matt and Ms Amanda made a speech about the material support to the association they brought from USA. The two people on their speech said that all we are of one family under Grand master Choi Jung hwa. and the material support we brought for you to day is easily found and buy in the USA but difficult for you to have and therefore as long as we all are from one family we must help each other and that’s why we coordinated members of Phoenix Group (INO 78) in the USA to support and bring it here today. We have also found additional support from Canada Cazzotto Martial Arts, a martial arts supply dealer in Canada. and we will bring it for you in the next time. They handed over the material support they brought to the ETA president Master Kiros G/Meskel. The Medias has covered the program sufficiently

Friday Aug 7/2015

Morning at 7:00 Am Mr. MATTHEW arrived in Addis Ababa Bole air port and received warm welcome, then taken to the Hotel. There was no enough time as he come the day in which the course start so he went to the place in which the course is held, where he received warm welcome of 578 participants. Master Kiros introduced Mr.MATTHEW  From UK AND Mr. Matt and Ms Amanda who come from the USA to the congregation of ETA tae-kwon-do family and started warming activity right away. Next, Mr. MATTHEW gave basic lesson of hand and kick techniques.

After a while Master Kiros also gave lessons on sparring techniques and allow the time to Mister Matthew to continue on the lesson and Mr.MATTHEW has done it very well. The training continued until lunch break by Master Kiros’ lesson of self defense. At 1:00 pm the training stopped for a while and certificates were given to those who contributed for the program.

After lunch the training continued focusing on patterns. At around the evening many were prepared for DAN exam and went through it until 9:00 pm and accordingly, after successfully accomplished the exam certificates were given to the participants

Friday Aug 7,2015 the tournament committee has done weighing work and approval of certificates along with DAN exam process, and commendably accomplished its tasks

Saturday Aug 8,2015

Morning at 8:30 competitors presented in person at their placed and the competition opened at 9:00 Am with green belt. Mr.MATTHEW, Ms Amanda, and Mr Matt along with other Ethiopian umpires led the competition. Sparring competition was held in another ring. Most of competitions held in Saturday were juniors, and it was successfully accomplished.

Since, Mr MATTHEW flies to England on Saturday midnight, he was taken to the Ethiopian traditional night clubs together with senior Ethiopian tae- kwon-do experts before his flight. He was delighted in his stay at the traditional night clubs and spent unforgettable stay, then he left to England.

Sunday Aug 9,2015

At 9:30 Am competition opened at the recently built sport academy constructed by the government of Ethiopia. Accordingly, juniors’ competition which were not completed in Saturday and other senior competitions were made with two rings. In this 1st African open ITF championship 420 men and women competitors from abroad and from the nation have participated. Many competitors from abroad witnessed the high level of Ethiopian tae- kwon-do and they suggested if Ethiopian competitors participate in world championship tournaments they would be effective.

Accordingly, the two good will ambassadors who came from the USA competed in pattern, sparring and board braking and hence, Ms Amanda in 4th DAN pattern received gold medal, and silver medal in sparring. Mr. Matt received gold medal in 3rd DAN single pattern and became 4th in sparring. Most of the Kenyan competitors were strong rivals and have got many medals out which several are bronze and silver and a few are gold. The woman, who come from India competed in the 70kg category won gold medal. In the competition Ethiopian competitors have taken high number medals in both sexes in pattern, sparring, and special technique power braking.

As the competitions completed medals and certificates were given and special award was given for the top winner. Competitors from northern part of Ethiopia made a surprise to Master Kiros by giving him special northern Ethiopian traditional presents.

Generally, the dream of Master Kiros; who have made great effort to organize such a great tournament in Ethiopia has come true. The tournament was magnificent and unforgettable with high support of Phoenix Group (INO 78) group of USA, especially Master Suzan and members of the  group in general. In addition to their material support they sent highly experienced world champion competitors for the magnificent of the tournament hence, high government officials, national Tae–kwon-do students, and Tae–kwon-do instructors presented their gratitude to all who contributed to this tournament. More over the Tae-kwon-do federation of Kenya has made great contribution by sending 20 competitors. Sebum Richard king David and his national Tae-kwon-do organization contribution was great and we thanked them for this. Our Indian friends have sent 6 competitors and couch , and the international tae-kwon-do federation and the England Tae-kwon-do federation have sent Mr. Mathew and made the necessary assistance and we thank them very much.

In general, 420 tae-kwon-do athletes and 30 umpires were participated in this tournament and we thank all them very much. We believe that you will participate in the next tournaments and give the necessary support.


Sabum Yonatan Alemayehu

ETA Secretary General

Written by: Ethiopian Taekwon-Do Association (INO 313) - 20th August 2015

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