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Taekwon-Do for Earthquake Relief – Nepal
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Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal is proud to announce it is organising an International Masterclass and Championships for all members of the Taekwon-Do family, regardless of age, rank or nationality.
Special Guest Instructor will be Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree President of United ITF Australia (INO#23), who has heeded the call for assistance from the ITF President earlier this year.  Master Muleta will be conducting the seminar and overseeing the championships without retaining any payment, as well as being proactively involved in raising funds for distribution in Nepal.  The International Taekwon-Do Federation will be issuing Masterclass certificates for all participants.

After the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, Master Muleta was very pro-active in relief and charity work in Sri Lanka during 2005-6 through organizing similar events and distributing raised funds, and he was subsequently awarded a Service to Charity Award by the ITF in 2007.
Of the international members who assisted during that time was Laxman Basnet, 5th Degree from Taekwondo ITF Nepal. Master felt it was appropriate to return the assistance to the ITF family of Nepal in their time of need.

Mr Basnet, a former International medalist and Hall of Fame inductee, has been working hard already in his home country to help rebuild and repair housing, damaged buildings and support families of members. Led by Mr Basnet, Taekwondo ITF Nepal has been long established representative of ITF in Nepal and is formally registered as a governing body with the Nepalese Government.  Taekwondo ITF Nepal conducts many local events such as interschool TKD Championship, Training Camps, National Referee Seminar and as well as Indo- Nepal TKD championship and 1st Everest Open International Championship.

It is hoped that members of the ITF family will make an effort to support the event with their attendance, or if unable to do so, take the opportunity to support through the ‘Taekwondo for Nepal‘s fundraising channels that will be promoted specifically for this case.

Accommodation and living costs are very affordable in Nepal for visitors, and the events will be moderately priced to balanced affordability with the fundraising effort.

Visit the Official facebook page :

Registrations can be made here:

For those who cannot attend, there are options on the registration link to donate from $10 - $100 – all donations will be kindly accepted and acknowledged on the Facebook page.

If you would like to assist or attend, please contact Master Michael Muleta ([email protected]) or Mr Laxman Basnet ([email protected] )

Written by: United ITF Australia (INO #23) - 7th July 2015

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