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Saturday in the morning  Master  Parm Rai was invited by the INO 255 to know the national park which is one of the main tourist attractions in Lima, Peru.

Saturday in the afternoon Master  Parm Rai,was invited by peruvians instructors to a lunch and artistic show, of camaraderie between the Master and Senior instructors in the principal culture club of Peru (Brisas del Titicaca), with typical Peruvian food and dances from the three regions of Peru, Coast, mountain and Jungle organized by the INO steering committee comprised of instructors Manuel Avila, Carlessi Cotrina and Jesebel Romero. 

On Sunday 7th at 9:00 started the seminar with Master Parm Rai , emphasis was placed on moral culture and taekwon-do etiquette,the focus of the class was correct use of the body to increase power ,Master Rai covered the use of core strength and in particular utilising the body’s engine or hip to generate the power required with each technique, along with focusing on sine wave and acceleration of movements also Master Rai covered the patterns, making corrections and encouraging students to put into practice the aspects of correct foot positioning and power.Among the group attendees we found students from 9 th kup up to 5 degree. The eight hours seminar included topics such as fundamentals, sign wave, the development of power,Hossin Sul ,sparring and counted with the assistance of  instructor Manuel Avila and counted  as  interpreter  Mr Fernando Martinez from Peru. 

This seminar counted with the participation of  ,the Association of taekwon-do ITF northern Peru directed by the instructor  Carlessi  Cotrina , the Association of taekwon-do ITF southern Peru directed by the instructor Manuel Avila and the Association of taekwon-do ITF center Lima-Peru directed instructor Juan Ramos Travi and the schools Dojang,La Reparacion Dojang,Yomchi Dojang,Dr Gym Santa catalina Dojang,Los Delfines del Sur Dojang,Museo Andres del Castillo, Dojang,University USMP- Chiclayo.

 On Sunday night Master Parm Rai go back to Canada,

This Seminar was organized by the INO 255 PERU and was realized in the coliseum of the college the Reparacion in Miraflores Lima-Peru

We take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee of Peru,The Delfines Association with Mr Manuel Avila , Chiclayo Asociation with Mr Carlessi Cotrina , , the black belts INO 255   all the members of Peru.

 One more time we would like to thank Master Parm Rai for making this long trip and sharing a wealth of knowledge with all of us and for taking time out from his busy schedule  

We are grateful to Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Master Parm Rai for their continued support to the spread of Taekwon-do ITF in Peru. Thank you all for participating,they made this event a true success in Peru. 

Our next events the national tournament in November 2015.



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Written by: INO 255 Peru - 16th June 2015

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