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SHELTER - Home for Children” in Malaysia is a registered welfare organization to help children from 4 to 12 years of age who have been abused, neglected, at-risk or abandoned by their families, parents or guardians. These children are often rebellious with some aggressive behaviours.

Ms. Caryn Yeoh, 2nd dan of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and under the Zest Martial Arts Academy (MO#427), is a social worker in Malaysia. She was aware of the special circumstances of these children and was aiming to provide help and care for them. With the consent and approval of her Instructor, Mr. Andy Low, 5th dan of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, Caryn is now able to provide Taekwon-Do training to these children with the main purpose of creating discipline and nurturing their talents. Caryn volunteered in the Shelter Home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia which is a community outreach program by the Zest Martial Arts Academy in promoting ITF Taekwon-Do to the local community in Malaysia. Series of training programs are being provided consistently in educating and training these children in terms of both Taekwon-Do values and technical skills.

Parents and students of the Zest Martial Arts Academy always show their support to the Shelter Home by funding and sponsoring Taekwon-Do doboks to these children. With their unconditional generosity Zest Martial Arts Academy is able to provide comprehensive training to the children as well as developing their respective capabilities and talent.

Zest Martial Arts Academy also encourages children of the Shelter Home to participate in different kinds of tournaments so as to strengthen their motivation and confidence. All of them were doing very well with rewarding results while many even gained their first medals in the tournaments.

Zest Martial Arts Academy will continue to provide Taekwon-Do training and different kinds of supports to children of the Shelter Home and we believe that in the near future the talents of Taekwon-Do will be engraved on their mind.

Written by: Caryn Yeoh - 1st May 2015

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