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60th Birthday of Taekwon-Do and International Instructors Course
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As early as April 3, members of the ITF started to arrive in Toronto Canada for the International Instructors Course and the celebration of the 60th Birthday of Taekwon-Do being held on April 10-12 2015.

By April 10, participants from Argentina, Australia,Brasil,Canada,Czech Republic,Germany,Wales, England,USA,New Zealand, South Africa,Venezuela and Sri Lanka had arrived and settled in at the International Plaza Hotel.

In the afternoon of April 10 an Umpire refreshers course was conducted by Grandmaster Galarraga assisted by Master Maidana of Argentina. A special appearance was made by Pres. Choi, Grandmaster Han and Master Rai. Technical points regarding refereeing were discussed and shown by Grandmaster Galarraga which the members enjoyed very much.

On Saturday the seminar started at 9:30am with over 200 black belts in attendance. Pres. Choi and the head delegation were welcomed with a huge applause.  Master Rai welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for their continued support to Taekwon-Do.  Pres. Choi addressed the participants and thanked everyone for attending.  Master Rai then started the warm up which was both physical and technical.  Pres. Choi was in great spirits and led the seminar for the course of the two days stressing correct techniques and power generation.  The course was spectacular with many grandmasters and masters including, Grandmaster Galarraga, Grandmaster Nicholls, Grandmaster Tompkins, Master Maidana and Master Howard also taking turns teaching the participants.

Grandmaster Han talked about the tenets of Taekwon-Do and moral Culture which everyone enjoyed.

A senior grading was conducted from 4th degree to 7th degree consisting of a  spectacular grading panel which would make any person nervous performing.

On Saturday Night a spectacular banquet with over 300 guests was held celebrating 60 years of Taekwon-Do. The entrance of the head delegation was brought in to the beats of the Punjabi Dhol.  Pres. Choi, Madame Choi and Pres. Choi’s sisters and daughter, Jasmine were escorted in with Grandmaster Nicholls, Grandmaster Galarraga, Grandmaster Han, Grandmaster Tompkins, Master Wheatley and other masters.

Presentations were made to the head table by Master Rai and a spectacular video presentation was shown to everyone about our late founder, Gen. Choi.

Mr. Gerard Robbins of the Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame made a special presentation to the President of ITF, Pres. Choi inducting him into the Taekwon-Do Hall of fame.  The vice president and Secretary of ITF, Grandmaster Nicholls made a beautiful speech emphasizing the unity and camaraderie of Taekwon-Do brother and sisterhood.

Ms. Choi, Pres.Choi’s sister made a speech on behalf of the Choi family showing full support for Pres. Choi and how he reminds them of their father. She emphasized how her father’s legacy is continued by Pres. Choi.

A Bhangra group performed a dance getting the crowd in the mood followed by a Korean Traditional dance.  Dinner was served and then Master Wheatley with his students performed a beautiful Korean song which everyone enjoyed. The cake was cut by the Choi family along with other distinguished guests and the dancing was started.  Everyone enjoyed the party which went on til 2am.

On Sunday, the course continued with great training. Master Rai, Master Maidana and Master Reid performed Hwa-rang Tul. Mr. Ben Evans of New Zealand did a presentation on Special needs which was well received.

The day ended with Pres. Choi speaking about “DO” and its importance in everyday life. 

In all friendships were made, strengthened and happiness was celebrated.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending this celebration.  You made this week a special week for all of us.

Yours in Taekwon-Do

Master Parm Rai

Written by: Master Parm Rai - 22nd April 2015
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

TANEI CAMPOS (Organização TEYANG de TKD ITF do Brasil) : 28th April 2015, 15:03

It was a huge honor to have participated in this wonderful event, where I got to know members from other countries and participate in our experiences.
In addition, the highest honor of having participated in the presence of Parm Rai Master and Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa. Had long since I felt such emotion, since the last time I was with General Choi Hong Hi in 1994 in Sao Paulo and in Malaysia
Words fail to be able to thank the involvement occurred during the entire stay, not only my but also my students.
Until next time.
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