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Suokjang (Netherlands) Celebrates 30 Years
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April first 2015 Suokjang (Netherlands) is celebrating 30 years in existence.
Suokjang, established since April 1985 by founders senior master Zondag en Mrs Ella Zondag.
Like many of you know, Taekwondo itself is celebrating its 60 years existence. Being a part of this for 30 years makes Suokjang very proud.

This amazing accomplishment could have been greatly celebrated, however with the lost of Ella Zondag it was a difficult time for the members of Suokjang. Suokjang still misses her every day.
Master Steve, his assistants and students stand strong and continued giving their all. Ella is not replaceable, but we are very happy Shirley de Jonge is managing her tasks now.

April 2nd  master Steve was surprised. Not only by his assistants, students and the friends of Suokjang. His son Juri, daughter Imre and granddaughters Laudi and Faylin were present.
Otto van Elzelingen, one of his assistants gave a beautiful speech, while students handed over the new flag to mark this special day. The logo on the new flag was created by master Steve and Ella Zondag last year.

The flag symbolizes the new logo at the same time the past keeps existing, that''''s why the old logo fades in to the new one.

The goal of master Steve remains; bring the art of self-defense Taekwondo with joy to everyone who''''s enthusiastic.

On July 5 during the yearly sports day Suokjang will celebrate appropriately with assistants, members, students and friends.

Written by: ITF Royal Dutch - 21st April 2015

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