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7th Internationl Master Class with Master Trevor Nicholls in Czech Republic
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Further pictures of Day 1 of the Czech Republic Master Class

Written by: Czech Taekwon-Do Association INO348 - 16th January 2015
[Comments: 1]

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Article Feedback:

David Badriashvili (georgian tae kwon do itf) : 4th April 2015, 10:16

Taekwondo ITF Federation of Georgia, welcomes the 7th International Master Class Seminar, as well as regarding the present and the desire to buy, Master Trevor Nichols Taekwondo ITF Federation over the development,
In our opinion the Czech Taekwondo ITF Federation, the possibility of developing Taekwondo, which accepts them actively, and we welcome

Taekwondo ITF Federation of Georgia MO#500
President David Badriashvili
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