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Master Nicholls Seminar in Ireland
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Master Nicholls flew into Cork airport the previous evening and was greeted by Master Creedon and Mr JB McCarthy VI Degree. After a short visit to his hotel, Master Nicholls was taken to a Chinese restaurant for a scheduled meeting with instructors from the various representative groups. These included Mr Ruairi O''''Brien VI Degree, Mr William Owers VI Degree, Mr Michael Flaherty VI Degree and Mr JB McCarthy. This gave everyone an opportunity to renew old friendships and to meet again with Grand Master Nicholls and Master Creedon over a pleasant Chinese meal.

After an early breakfast, Grand Master Nicholls was promptly taken to the University sports arena where he was given a tour of the facility. The morning class was geared towards coloured belts, but such is the respect that Grand Master Nicholls holds in Ireland, a large proportion of the black belts chose to participate in this class as well.

Grand Master Nicholls began by explaining the correct angles of the stationary foot, along with the correct body positioning for performing the various kicking techniques. Front, side and turning kicks were performed over and over under the watchful eyes of the Masters, ensuring that everybody understood the correct foot position for each kick. grand Master Nicholls then went on to explain the different angles and lines when performing blocking techniques. Explanation and practice of centre line versus shoulder line were then practiced using various stepping motions. Upset versus upward techniques were also explained, discussed and practiced.

The afternoon class assembled shortly after lunch with forty five black belts ranging from first degree to Master level appearing on the floor. The Grand Master informed the class that the afternoon topic would focus on selected kicking families. This involved practicing the traditional way of performing kicks versus the dynamic version which can best be described as "personalised" and can be more suited to one''''s own body type.

Students performed multiple drills which illustrated the variety of kicks within the "kicking family". A typical example was the way we performed Yop Chagi versus Yop Cha Chirugi. The difference between double and consecutive kicking was also explained in detail and subsequently practiced on the kick shields.

Finally Grand Master Nicholls closed the class with a summary of all the major points that were covered and emphasised the importance of taking Taekwon-Do as a whole package. This included traditional values such as respect and integrity along with the modern physical and dynamic elements of the art. Special presentations were then made to Grand Master Nicholls and Master Creedon before the group and individual photos.

Many thanks to all the representative groups that made the event such a great success. A heartfelt thank you to Master Nicholls for a superb day of training and we look forward to his next visit.


JB McCarthy

Secretary - Taekwon-Do Federation of Ireland


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Written by: Taekwon-Do Federation of Ireland - 12th November 2014

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