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2014 President Choi's Cup
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On November 1 2014, Master Parm Rai owner of Raiís Taekwon-Do hosted the 2014 Pres. Choiís Cup in Burlington, Ontario Canada.

There were over 480 competitors from USA and Canada competing at this Championship. 

The venue at the Haber Community Center was full and waiting for Pres. Choi to arrive and open the Tournament.

At 9:30am, Pres. Choi and other special guests including, Grandmaster Han, Master Wheatley, Mr. Cormack, and other senior masters entered the gym to a standing applause.

The opening ceremonies commenced with Master Rai introducing the head table and instructors. A gift of appreciation was given to all of the head instructors for their support in the Championship. A special gift, an Inukshuk made of glass was presented to Grand Master Choi, Grandmaster Han and Master Wheatley.

Grandmaster Han then presented a beautiful plaque to Master Rai for his lifelong support and commitment to the ITF.

The tournament started with black belt patterns followed by the colour belt divisions and ending with black belt sparring.

There were many masters and instructors in attendance and a lot of old friendships were strengthened and new ones started.

Master Rai would like to thank all of his volunteers and students for making this event a special one.  A thank you goes to all the instructors and students for taking part in this yearís Pres. Choiís Cup.




Master Rai


Written by: Master Parm Rai - 8th November 2014

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