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Monthly Training of the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council
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Members were receiving 4-hours intensive training with various techniques including pattern and sparring being taught by the instructors during the class. There were also some demonstrations on how to apply the patterns in a real situation.

Regular Council meeting was also being held during the training. Under the leadership of Master Lau, a number of issues regarding the Council and different MOs were being raised and were being discussed between the coaches.

The monthly Council training provides a great platform for members to mature their skills and to learn from each other in a harmonious environment. Instructors from different MOs could also share their teaching experience and knowledge, so as to improve their teaching methods and skills. We all believe that it is an important activity which we all pay great attention to. It does not merely provide a room for improvement of our skills, but it also provides a good chance for all of us to have regular meeting with our president Master Lau, and to enhance our friendship and relationship.


Written by: Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council 3 June 2014

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Written by: ITF Administration - 3rd June 2014

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