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Master Rai Seminar Venezuela
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Day on Friday November 29, 2013 at 6:00 am, arrived in our country Master Parm Rai VII Dan, Personal Assistant Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and President of the Technical Committee of the International Taekwondo Federation, it was received in the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia Vargas state, by the ITF President Jonathan Escobar Venezuela and Mr. Bo Sabum Nim Manuel Martinez, immediately moved to the city of Caracas, for enjoying a typical native breakfast.

By midmorning the Master Parm Rai visited the headquarters of ITF Venezuela facilities, located at end of street Machado, Social Club of the National Guard, El Paraíso, making a brief meeting with the instructors of the school, where the Master Rai instructed on how to conduct the training, spoke of the import compliance Taekwon Do cycle and work currently being undertaken by the technical committee of the International ITF in the development of the new Encyclopedia of Taekwon Do, once culminated the meeting he moved to his Master Parm Rai Hotel located in Urb. Paraiso.


In the afternoon the Venezuela ITF invite Master Rai, instructors and students a ride on the Cable Car Waraira Repano National Park Better known as "Cerro El Avila" where he enjoyed a panoramic view of the city of Caracas and landscape Natural mountain to reach the final season, the beautiful hotel is city icon Humboldt, we expected a rustic 4x4 vehicle to move to the town of Galipan the way about 20 min. Approximately; finally got to the restaurant where we would make an attention to our special guest Master Parm Rai, this restaurant is located on the hillside mount,  with a spectacular view of Mount Avila and the Caribbean Sea.


On Saturday November 30th at 08:30 am The seminar began with words of welcome and thanks to master Rai, students and representatives for the realization of this important event, followed by words of this Master Rai and initiated; class was focused directly on the proper use of the body specifically hip key driver in generating the necessary strength and power used in each fundamental movement and technical, all this linked to the wave motion and acceleration highlighting the importance of the same within the Taekwon Do, Master Rai made ​​corrections in tuls for 9 Kup to 2 Kup, to finish the seminar Master Parm Rai explained extensively the importance of "DO "in the life of every practicing Taekwon Do, exalted moral principles and honor that I have this beautiful martial art which distinguishes it from other, shoulder use “DO” to promote and teach Taekwon DO in our country followed convert this to all parents and representative reflection of how doing Taekwon Do as a positive impact on the family and thanked the unconditional support of this martial art, then a group photo with all the attendees took parents.

After the seminar Master Rai performed the test for adolescents and adults to grade I and III, which were present Sabun Bo Nim Hasan Hamdan III Dan and interpreter of the seminar Prof. Edgar Leon, students conducted their test Manuel Martínez, Jorge Felix Jimenez, Jorge Andrés Jiménez, Carmen and Maria Alejandra García Raiola; , was assessed  Tuls, personal defense, Theory, fighting and breaking; the seminar lasted 8 hours and the tests were extended for 2 more hours.

The ITF Venezuela instructors master Rai invited to a dinner of local plains food  where they shared experiences and experiences of Taekwon DO and tasted good food.

Earlier on Sunday 01 December, the President of the ITF Venezuela and instructors accompanied the Master Parm Rai airport dismissing our country returning to Canada.

Master Rai Thanks for all the dedication, guidance and teaching during his visit aired, its simplicity and moral principles are worthy example to follow for our students.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible leaving high school and our country

Written by: ITF Administration - 20th December 2013

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