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Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association in Korea
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In Czech Republic, there are is certain group of traditional Korean martial art Takwon-Do fans, who attend regularly seminars of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, the president of I.T.F., which take place all over Europe.

And how could happen that majority of the group landed in Korea? In fact, the story begun already on 3.-4.May 2008 in Italian city Corigliano Calabro. Italian Taekwon-Do Federation leaded by Master Antonio Troiano, VIII.Dan organized ITF seminar and invited our Czech group to friendly meeting with the president of ITF. This was the final impulse for foundation of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association.
During two year of hard work, where members of our Association took part in many competition and events, great target was determined. The target was nothing less than participation on XI. Taekwon-Do ITF and WTF Festival and also X. Junior, XV. Senior and I. Veteran World Championship in Cheongju city in South Korea. 

On Sunday, 27-th of June 2010, group of twelve Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association members went by air from Prague to Amsterdam and continued to Seoul.  After landing and check-in, we were welcomed by Lee Jae, student of Chung Cheong University, who took care of our Czech group for the whole stay in Korea. In extremely warm weather, we travelled about 200Km with air-conditioned  buss to Cheongju city, the venue of both events. Except Czech group, more than 3000 competitors from England, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Filipina, Guam, Holland, Hong Kong, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Greece, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Slovenia, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, USA, Uzbekistan and Wels arrived.

For the whole Monday, 28-th of June, necessary registration of all participants proceeded. After dinner, our group went for walk to evening city centre.

On Tuesday, 29-th of June after breakfast small informative meeting proceeded, where we received detailed program of all competitions for next days. Each individual competitor was curious about his own start and disciplines schedule. Our group, after short internal meeting, joined others for official opening ceremony, where all important representatives and honorary guests were present. And then all went to their rooms to relax and draw energy for incoming competition.

Wednesday, 30-th of June, on that day the XI. Taekwon-Do Festival begun. Sport centre together with modern hall which is close to Golden Temple of Miruksondo, that became home for thousands of taekwon-Do students. During next days, we came through technical pattern and sport fight. The older of us continued with power breaking and special breaking techniques. In the worldwide competitive environment, Czech competitors compared favorably. Our score was 8 medals for four days of the competition and total five Czech competitors. See list of medals below:  

XI. Taekwon-Do ITF and WTF Festival
Tul Patterns
2-nd place = Vaclav Buzek, 3-th place = Hana Krivankova, 3-th place = Vu Huy Hoang,
3-th place = Klara Zajacova, 5-th place = Josef Srb
Matsogi Fight
2-nd place = Hana Krivankova, 3-th place = Vu Huy Hoang, 3-th place = Vaclav Buzek, 5-th place = Josef Srb
Special breaking techniques
1-st. place = Klara Zajacova
During the whole Festival, we had chance to see many excellent Taekwon-Do exhibitions and events both ITF and WTF.

When Festival closed the first part of Korean event, the second part continued on 4-th of July with long expected Taekwon-Do ITF World Championship. All championship showed impressing and high level performance. Czech Association was represented by 6 competitors, who according to excellent results for last year were nominated for this event. To make right on such event is always difficult and also the draw is about good luck. And especially this was against our team. Each individual Czech competitor had minimum 40 experienced competitors in his discipline. Despite this, we managed to get very good results and we were close to obtain 4 valuable medals. Not bad for an Association that participated on such event for the first time and especially to Korea.
Result list follows:

X. Junior, XV. Senior and I. Veteran World Championship
Tul Patterns
6-th place = Kvetuse Sobotkova, 6-th place = Jiri Dospisil, 7-th place = Leona Docekalova,
8-th place = Denisa Batova, 9-th place = Ivana Mlckova,

Matsogi Fight
4-th place = Leona Docekalova, 4-th place = Denisa Batova, 9-th place = Jiri Dospisil
Power breaking
4-th place = Leona Docekalova
Special breaking techniques
4-th place = Pavel Fucik

The World Champioship was ended on 8-th of July. In next two days, seminar with Grand master Choi Jung Hwa, IX. Dan was held.

Finally, we realized one day trip at the end of our stay in Korea. We visited City of Cheogju, the historical parts like walls of Sangdangsanseong fortress.

On 11-th of July, all group returned back to Czech republic. All will for long time bear in mind unforgettable experience from eastern country, nice people, some new friends and exotic hospitality as well as rich experience important for further championship.
More information on our web:

Written by: Czech Taekwon-Do - 10th September 2010

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