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Membership Services response to Chris Snow

Subject: Membership Services Announcement regarding Chris Snow
Send To: All INOs and MOs

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Following Chris Snow's public announcement regarding his membership and his continued attempts to discredit ITF Administration, we contacted him advising that if he persisted we would have no alternative but to publish our version of events. This is highly unprofessional but as Chris Snow seems intent on taking statements out of context to suit his needs we felt it necessary to reply. This was only considered after approval from Chris Snow. (See Below)

Approval from Chris Snow

Following several emails distributed by Chris Snow claiming unfair dismissal of him and his group we have prepared the following statements:

1. Organisation LTSI

The organisation LTSI was expelled from the National Group (INO). We were informed by the INO of this action and their reasons. It was due to the formation of an umbrella group from within the current INO, and the solicitation of the INO's members. We have also been informed that this new group UKTU has now come to fruition and it seems the INO acted with due diligence. This decision was made by the INO and not the ITF but Chris Snow's continued attempts to apportion the blame on the ITF are unfounded.

In order to claim membership an organisation needs to be registered with the ITF, Criteria must be fulfilled and application must be submitted. To date the ITF has not received any application from LTSI, and as such they are unable to claim membership. To date we have received one communication regarding this situation which can be viewed here along with the official response:

Email Enquiry

ITF Response

2. Chris Snows Personal Membership

Following numerous concerns with regards to Chris Snows conduct on public Bulletin boards, and his constant attack on ITF Policy and Administration we felt the need to contact him. This was done on several occasions via Master Harry, asking him to deliberate his actions and on occasion to correct statements he had made. This only met with hostile intentions and increased mal-intentions towards ITF and its officers.

We do not deal in rumours or hearsay and to that end have provided a link to the unedited termination letter received by Chris Snow:

Termination Letter

Please note at no time does this letter refer to a suspension or magazine that Chris Snow is claiming as the reason his membership termination. Master Harry was appointed by Chris Snow as his representative and he travelled to Reno for a meeting concerning the personal membership of Chris Snow. This meeting was attended by President Choi, Master Nicholls, Master Wheatley, Master Tompkins and Master Harry. The only item Master Harry agendered was Chris Snow's personal membership. The Magazine was a separate issue concerning Master Harry's website.

As stated to Chris Snow via private email Master Harry asked for the decision to be overturned, following the disclosure of a folder several inches thick of comments made by Chris Snow on public forums and his website the decision was left in force. The folder was disclosed at the meeting where all were able to view its contents if they wished. It seems Chris Snow is now stating that Master Harry refused to view its contents! Its was Master Harry who stated that "He's not a bad Chap" and following Master Harry's request Our President did agree in January 2010 we would review Chris Snow membership status. Unfortunately Chris Snow has continued his assault in trying to discredit the ITF, hence this latest email to our members.

ITF Response via email

Chris Snow has since deleted all his postings on said public forums in an attempt to hide his actions, which have brought us to this situation. If as he claims he has been mistreated why the need to delete such postings! We have attached a small summary of the postings for your consideration below. We will stand by our decision to review his personal membership in January, but advise Chris Snow to put this vendetta behind him as it does not bode well.


3. ITF Articles

Also mentioned in Chris Snow's latest email was the article placed on the ITF website with regards to CSIM. We are not in the business of editing third party articles to aid our intentions and as such this article was placed on our site exactly as written by CSIM. This in no way reflects on our policy as the only official ITF. The beliefs of third parties are outside of our control and we fail to see what relevance this has to Chris Snow current situation.


4. Master Nicholls Seminar

In another attempt to discredit the ITF, Chris Snow also mentioned about a seminar being organised by an individual with Grand Master Rhee. This is an individual seminar with Master Nicholls and his original instructor, at no time have organisations or politics been raised except by Chris Snow. Masters within our ITF are free to host and attend seminars at their discretion.


5. Conclusion

As far as the ITF are concerned this matter is now closed, we will review the situation regarding Chris Snow's membership in January if and when an application is received. It is duly noted that the LTSI will decide where they want to affiliate at there next AGM scheduled for January.

Updated 21/10/09

Chris Snow and his group have now resigned by making a public statement via a website. We have yet to receive official confirmation.

Links to postings made by Chris Snow:

Chris Snow using his so called non biased, non political magazine to try and sway public opinion in his favour:
View File

Chris Snow using a public forum to bring the ITF into disrepute over filming policies. Please not the members comments asking him to reframe from this course of action:
View File

Chris Snow receiving a warning from public forum moderator on his conduct:
View File

Chris Snow using said public forum to try and discredit ITF decision:
View File

Chris Snow abusing junior ranks on public forum. This resulted in the ITF receiving a complaint:
View File

Chris Snow clearly inciting a feud between two groups. We have also outlined his policy for sponsorship so you can see the only apparent reason for the initial comment was to cause conflict:
View File   His policy  
Post was subsequently deleted at the request of those concerned as they had no idea it had been place in the public arena.

Chris Snow using expletives not tolerated from a senior degree holder, when questioned about his actions:
View File

Chris Snow in sighting confrontation with ITF Policy on a public forum:
View File

Updated 21/10/09

Following the resignation Chris Snow takes another parting shot about prohibiting us from contacting his members. This is in complete contradiction to what he publicly stated he wanted to do regarding other groups members.
View File   Resignation Letter

Also mentioned in the letter is the ITF would refuse rank! This is not the case and another attempt to discredit the ITF.



Email: info@itf-administration.com Web: www.itf-administration.com


This email is sent from the ITF Administration Department:-

Yiewsley Leisure Centre, Otterfield Road, West Drayton, Middlesex. UB7 8PE ENGLAND

For and on behalf of the International TaeKwon Do Federation.


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