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24th Sep 2018
Choo Seol
An explanation of this special Korean festival
16th Sep 2018
Awards - Choi Family Medal - Appointments
28th Jul 2018
General Lim Sun Ha
Sad passing of an historical person in Taekwon-Do history
15th Jun 2018
Remembering our Founder
A tribute and reminder
11th Apr 2018
Anniversary of Taekwon Do
Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the inauguration of Taekwon-Do
22nd Mar 2018
ITF Anniversary
Today marks the anniversary of the formation of the ITF in South Korea on March 22nd 1966. Thank you Gen Choi and the early ITF pioneers for making it a world wide federation enabling us to practice this wonderful art.
20th Jan 2018
ITF in China
Report of the opening of the Dan-Gun Club from CangXuan Taekwon-Do
23rd Dec 2017
Christmas Greetings
Christmas Greetings
12th Dec 2017
Master Parm Rai - Update
Charges against Master Rai withdrawn
9th Nov 2017
The Founder's birthday - Taekwon-Do history
Clarification on the history of General Choi Hong Hi's birthday
9th Nov 2017
Anniversary of Gen Choi's Birthday
November 9th, 2017 - a memorable day
12th Oct 2017
Official Invitation to ITF World Championships 2018 - Argentina
Latest update to Official Invitation to ITF World Championships 2018 - Argentina
15th Aug 2017
Update to ITF Statement
ITF members are requested to note the content of the attached statement
13th Aug 2017
ITF Response
A brief statement in response to Master Parm Rai
10th Aug 2017
In response to social media communications
15th Jun 2017
Remembering General Choi Hong Hi
12th May 2017
Master Crochet Promotion
Promotion of Master Crochet : The ITF Promotions Board, on behalf of the ITF President, announce the promotion of Master Crochet to 8th Degree Master.
13th Feb 2017
ITF welcomes Master Jorge Roberts
The ITF Federation of Argentina welcomes Master Jorge Rogers and his organizations Masters, Instructors and Students.
3rd Jan 2017
ITF welcomes the return of Master Fabian Pini
The ITF Federation of Argentina welcomes Master Fabian Pini and his organization and the Masters, Instructors and Students members of his organization.
7th Nov 2016
Welcome to GM J C Kim from ITF Adviser
ITF Adviser, GM Han Sam Soo, expresses his personal welcome to GM J C Kim

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