Semper Fidelis - Croatia (INO #366)

This association's status is: Expired

NameSemper Fidelis - Croatia
AddressKlaiceva 12
Slavonski Brod
Contact Details
Contact personDominik Maduna
Telephone0038535443674 , 00385917269782
PresidentDominik Maduna
Vice PresidentMiss Sanda Livia Maduna - technical V.P. , Mr Zeljko Gagulic - organising V.P.
SecretaryMr Renato Ilic
TAEKWON-DO  ACADEMY SEMPER FIDELIS  CROATIA  INO # 366  is basic organisation of diferent taekwon-do dojangs and school. All of them practise and follow traditional techniqs and philosophy five basic principes of taekwon-do. We respect all taekwon-do peoples and organisations but follow only our ITF who living on the legacy and tradition of general CHOI  HONG HI and his son and our president Grand Master CHOI JUNG HWA .
All peoples and students from other taekwon-do school or other martial arts can be our friends and our door of dojangs and our life is open for all of them.
Our instructors practise and working on the teritory of all Republic of Croatia

yours in taekwon-do , chairman of Taekwon-do Academy SEMPER FIDELIS CROATIA

                                                          Dominik Maduna IV
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