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11th Feb 2009
Thank you
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all of you
30th Jan 2009
Deepest sympathies
Our deepest sympathies go out to Master Rai following his tragic loss of his mother.
29th Jan 2009
Sanctioned ITF Master Class and International Instructor Certification
The ITF have authorised the following Masters to host official seminars along with our president Master Choi Jung Hwa. Only Students attending these events are eligible to apply for ITF Certification.
22nd Dec 2008
Seasonal Greetings
This time of year always allows me to bring a sincere message to all members of our ITF family.
21st Dec 2008
Grand Master Lee Won ll
It gives us great pleasure to announce the return of Grand Master Lee Won ll. Committed to teaching Taekwon-Do since the 60s Master Lee Won ll served a term as a Taekwondo instructor the Korean fierce tiger division forces stationed in Vietnam 1966 - 68.
26th Nov 2008
European Championships
Members of the ITF, details of the European Championships have now been uploaded. More details here
20th Nov 2008
Sanctioned ITF Events
The Tournament Committee will be publishing a more in-depth schedule for all ITF Sanctioned events. Please ensure that events are registered
5th Nov 2008
ITF Disciplinary Committee
All members are today informed that UKITF INO 90 has been cancelled and therefore no longer in membership of the ITF.This INOincorporated "MWTA" headed by Master Wolf and "GTI" headed by Mr Clive Harrison.
18th Sep 2008
Mr George Ashiru
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr George Ashiru of Nigeria to VII Degree. Master Ashiru's promotion was announced by Master Trevor Nicholls ITF Secretary General.
9th Sep 2008
WI are one
18th Aug 2008
1st Aug 2008
Mr Daniel Sng Promotion
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Daniel Sng of Singapore to VII Degree. Master Sng's promotion was announced by Master Trevor Nicholls ITF Secretary General.
24th Jun 2008
Tul Update
Please be advised that effective immediately, the tul of "Ju Che" will be known as it was originally created by our founder General Choi Hong Hi as "Kodang".
15th Jun 2008
General Choi (1918 - 2002)
Six years have now passed since the passing of our Taekwon-Do Founder and Father, Especially today find time to reflect on our thoughts and memories of General Choi Hong Hi.
31st Mar 2008
Mr Don Dalton Promotion
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Don Dalton of Ireland to VII Degree. Master Dalton's promotion was announced by President Choi in Ireland.
13th Mar 2008
Master James Lim
Following his recent meeting with President Choi it gives us great pleasure to announce the return of Master James Lim. Committed to teaching Taekwon-Do in Canada since the early 70s Master Lim served a term as Technical Director under our late founder General Choi.
29th Feb 2008
Chew Bee San 4/5/1074 - 24/02/2008
Master Choi along with all the ITF Family extend our deepest felt sympathy for Chew Bee San. We send Master Chew and his family our thoughts and prayers.
21st Feb 2008
ITF Forum now live
This forum is for Martial Artists to post their comments about current and future issues related to Taekwon-Do to enable the free exchange of ideas. Members with a current ITF Certificate and Status Card can register FREE OF CHARGE
16th Jan 2008
Prosperous and Healthy New Year
On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to extend everyone best wishes for a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year! Last year provided many opportunities for us to meet in different parts of the world for competitions and seminars. 2008 looks to be another great year for this and we are all looking forward to it!
10th Jan 2008
Team Europe in Ghana
Any ITF members based in Europe interested in possible selection for Team Europe should in the first instance contact Mr Dalton via email with a brief history on their competitive career along with details of their ITF Certificate, Status Card and contact details of the INO they are currently within membership.

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