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22nd Jan 2010
Earthquake in Haiti
Nature has shown us once again the strength of its capability by the recent earthquake in Haiti.
8th Jan 2010
Presidential Message
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18th Dec 2009
The 11th World Taekwondo Festival & Korean Classic Open 2010
The Organising Committee cordially invites you to The 11th World Taekwondo Festival & Korean Classic Open 2010
15th Dec 2009
Seasonal Greetings
It is with great pleasure that I send you these Seasonal Greetings and best wishes for 2010.
10th Nov 2009
2010 World Championships
It is with a great pleasure to announce that the 2010 (IX Junior and XV Senior) World Championships in Taekwon-Do ITF will be held in Chungcheongbuk-Do (Cheongju), Republic of Korea, between the July 4 - 8th, 2010.
6th Nov 2009
Tragic loss
Tragic death of the Sabonim Mario Morena from Uruguay. The Taekwon-Do Argentina Association shares the pain by the tragic loss of a member of the Taekwon-do family.
4th Nov 2009
Tournament Rule Updates
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21st Oct 2009
Membership Services response to Chris Snow
Following Chris Snow's public announcement regarding his membership and his continued attempts to discredit ITF Administration, we contacted him advising that if he persisted we would have no alternative but to publish our version of events. This is highly unprofessional but as Chris Snow seems intent on taking statements out of context to suit his needs we felt it necessary to reply. This was only considered after approval from Chris Snow.
15th Oct 2009
Master Siracusa Promoted
The ITF is pleased to confirm the promotion of Master Siracusa of Argentina to VIII Degree.
14th Oct 2009
Taekwondo/CISM - ITF Conference
There has been vast amounts or propaganda spread by other organisation claiming unification talks with WTF and the CISM, while we have continued to silently work for our members and press forward. We were the first to host ITF Championships in South Korea, the first WIareOne joint ITF and WTF event and now the official announcement of the ITF inclusion to the International Military Sports Council - CISM. ITF has returned home to Korea and the Military...
5th Oct 2009
Tragic loss
It is a sad day for Taekwon-Do. We have lost a great friend, student, instructor and mentor in Bulgaria. I understand Mr. Todorov's wife also past away last week in a car accident. May they both rest in peace. I know from my dealings with Mr. Todorov, he was a true gentleman.
9th Sep 2009
Master Reina Promoted
The ITF Promotions Committee is pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Reina of Cuba to VII Degree.
9th Sep 2009
Master Deedigan Promoted
The ITF Promotions Committee is pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr. Don Deedigan from the United Kingdom to VII Degree.
3rd Sep 2009
Master Risko Promoted
The ITF Promotions Committee is pleased to confirm the promotion of Mrs. Deborah Risko of the United States of America to VII Degree.
2nd Sep 2009
Tragic Loss
Dear friends Our student and friend Lionel De Maeseneire had an accident with his moterbike and died on the spot, He was 25 years old.
5th Aug 2009
Termination of Membership
All current members of the ITF are today informed that the personal membership of Mr Chris Snow (UK-LTSI) has been terminated from the ITF. Members should also be aware and are duly informed any courses, Promotion tests and other associated activities of Mr Chris Snow are not ITF sanctioned, therefore will not be certified by the ITF.
21st Jul 2009
ITF Membership Services
Membership Services department now formed.
ITF Administration will update Membership Services regularly with current membership reports, on which they will act accordingly.
25th Jun 2009
Sanctioned ITF Master Class and International Instructor Certification
The ITF have authorised the following Instructors to host official seminars along with our president Master Choi Jung Hwa. Only Students attending these events are eligible to apply for ITF Certification.
15th Jun 2009
Master Harry Promoted
The ITF is pleased to announce the promotion of Master Issac Harry to 8th Degree (Dan) Black belt, on 13th June 2009.
8th Jun 2009
Mr Lau Promotion
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Mr Lau of Hong Kong to VII Degree. Master Lau's promotion was announced by President Choi in Maylasia.

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