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6th Jul 2016
Grand Master John Tompkins - a sad loss to ITF Taekwon-Do
ITF are saddened to share the news that Grand Master John Tompkins has passed away in China with his wife, Aineur, by his side. Information on memorial services in the U.S. is pending confirmation of final arrangements.
11th Jun 2016
Report of C. J. Oh convicted of forgery of ITF certificates
It has been reported in the Korean press that the former Secretary-General (C.J. Oh) of Korea Branch of the International Taekwon-Do Federation forged Dan certificates and was fined.
17th May 2016
ITF World Championships 2016 - Umpires
Request for Umpires' photographs
17th May 2016
ITF World Championships 2016 - Official Accommodation Packages
An update re official accommodation packages from the ITF World Championships 2016 Organising Committee
11th Apr 2016
Happy birthday Taekwon-Do!
Celebrating the inauguration of Taekwon-Do on 11th April 1955
22nd Mar 2016
Happy birthday, ITF
22nd March 1966 - 2016
28th Dec 2015
ITF Senior Promotion
The ITF Promotions Board, on behalf of the ITF President, announce the promotion of Maurizio Troiano to 7th Degree.
22nd Dec 2015
President's Seasonal Message
A message to each ITF member
5th Dec 2015
ITF Senior Promotion
The ITF Promotions Committee are pleased to confirm the promotion of Master Edimir Kawakubo to 7th Degree
1st Nov 2015
ITF Senior Promotion
The ITF Promotions Board, on behalf of the ITF President, announce the promotion of Mr Nicholas Malefyt to 7th Degree Master.
22nd Jul 2015
A personal note of appeciation from President Choi Jung Hwa
President Choi Jung Hwa extends his personal appreciation to all those involved in the organisation and delivery of the ITF Asian Championships 2015 held on 1st July 2015 to 5th July 2015, in Fergana City, Uzbekistan.
26th Jun 2015
ITF Senior Promotion
The ITF is pleased to announce the promotion of Master Michael Muleta to 8th Degree
16th Jun 2015
Remembering our Founder
A tribute and reminder
11th Jun 2015
ITF mission to promote and develop ITF Taekwon-Do in South East Europe
Sport Club ALTAIR (INO 327), Moldova, led by Iurie Spataru, are working on behalf of the ITF Expansion Committee to promote and develop ITF Taekwon-Do in South East Europe.
7th May 2015
Concerning Nepal Earthquake
As everyone may aware from the media, a powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal on 20 April 2015, leading to over 7,000 innocent lives being killed, several thousands were injured and around 800 million people were affected. Houses and buildings collapses with many being left homeless and unsheltered. They are now in dire need of water and food.
28th Apr 2015
Nepal Earthquake Disaster
All ITF members are deeply moved and concerned to see the images of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal. Our thoughts extend to everyone affected, especially our ITF members and their familiies who live and work there.
16th Apr 2015
IIC and Taekwon-Do 60th Birthday Celebrations in Canada
A personal message from President Choi Jung Hwa
12th Apr 2015
Celebrating 60 Years of Taekwon-Do!
It is my honour, as President of ITF, to pay tribute to my Father and his legacy on this, the 60th, anniversary of Taekwon-Do. I wish all of our members throughout the world "Happy Birthday" and thank you all for your dedication, enthusiasm and support. Taekwon Choi Jung Hwa
2nd Mar 2015
ITF Expel Lee Yoo Sun
The actions and misrepresentations by Lee Yoo Sun..
22nd Dec 2014
President's seasonal message
A personal message to each member of ITF

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