ITF Board and Committee Appointments

Grand Master Choi, Jung Hwa elected President 2014-2020


President's Board appointments 2014-2017:

Vice President - Grand Master Volmir Ligay

Vice President - Grand Master Trevor Nicholls

Special Appontment

Special Assitant to the President -  Master Parm Ra


President's Committee Chair appointments 2014-2017:

Promotions Chair - Grand Master Han Sam Soo

Scientific and Research Chair - Master Robert Wheatley

Expansion Chair - Master Jose Maidana

Business Chair- Mr Valery Kang

Martial Arts Chair - Master Antonio Troiano

Ethics Chair - Grand Master John Tompkins

Tournament and Umpire Chair - Grand Master Nestor Galarraga

Technical Chair -  Master Parm Rai


Office appointments 2014-2017:

Secretary General - Grand Master Trevor Nicholls

Administration Co-ordinator - Master Michael Muleta

Certificate, Status Card, Web Processing - Miss Ashley Nicholls







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