Message from GM Han Sam Soo

Hello fellow I.T.F members:
I am very happy to be able to send my sincere greetings to you all.
It feels like I've come back home from a long personal journey. President
GM Choi Jung Hwa and I wish to invigorate the true spirit of Tae Kwon-
Do without Political agendas or false Tae Kwon-do cultures to all the practitioners
throughout the globe.
I would like to personally commend our leader President GM Choi Jung Hwa
for continuing to see the importance of spreading the true root and spirit of
Tae Kwon-Do beyond techniques and movements. Without his vision and
leadership Tae Kwon-Do would not be able to contribute to our lives as
it does today. I would like to express my deep thanks for his decision to
welcome me back to the I.T.F.
Let us work together to continue sharing Tae Kwon-Do in a mission to
benefit the world. I look forward to sharing knowledge and experiences
with you all. Thank you so much.
Yours in Tae Kwon-Do
GM Han Sam Soo

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