Happy New Year to all of our ITF members.

Happy New Year to all of our ITF members.
January is usually the time to reflect on our past and look forward to the future. We don't know what will happen in the future, although we can plan and hope that things go our way. I would hope that we have learned from our past, whether it be good or bad. There is one thing for sure in the ITF, and that is you, my brothers and sisters in Taekwon-Do. The amazing thing to me about the ITF is the connection we share; it certainly is not only about the skills or technique (of which you are one of the best) but also the friendships we develop.
Unfortunately, there are things we can not control. The recent tragedy in Japan in early December 2011 has been devastating, and I am sure our Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters are still feeling the effects. I understand the radiation is very high in some parts of the country. Taekwon-Do is more than just about the 24 patterns; it is about who we are and how we can make the world a better place. Take a moment and show your support for our friends in Japan. I'm sure Master Jongmok Lee and our family members would appreciate it.
For every tragedy there can be a good side. For 2013, let us turn bad event into something good and reach out to all who need our help. The things we do today surely affects our future.
Thank you.
Gordon Jue, VII Dan
US-ITF Vice President

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