As we celebrate the holidays and prepare to move into 2013, we must now, more than ever

As we celebrate the holidays and prepare to move into 2013, we must now, more than ever
question our commitment to humanity as Martial Artists. It seems there is a spread in Martial
Art training and instruction yet morality and decency is lacking. How could this be? We can
overwhelm ourselves with this question and spend good energy contemplating the issue
however, as leaders within our communities, Martial Artists must act and not restrict themselves
to contemplation only. The oath we recite each time before training is not a philosophical idea,
it is a pledge of action. While it may be natural for us to feel like the only valuable actions would
result in a change to the entire world, we must remember, each person lives within their own
world and a single act of kindness, support or even charity for those that are able can have
a profound effect on a persons reality...changing their world in a profound and literal sense.

We must never allow the fact that we cannot help every single person ourselves prevent us
from the actions that can help one person. If we all commit to helping at least one person,
then the spread of Martial Arts has the power to save the world...and this was the dream of
General Choi, to build a more peaceful world and to do it collectively.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Choi, Jung Hwa

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