In this age of opportunism, one must protect themselves more than ever from the opportunity seekers who use Taekwon-Do only for profit. The so called "Tul Tour" in Korea is a tourist based company that has no link to the ITF and to Taekwon-Do. Indeed, they have expressed that their only interest is business. The ITF feels this is an abuse of our memberships true interest in Taekwon-Do and the history our art reflects. We cannot condone the support of such a company who would teach faithful ITF members about many of our great Korean patriots or historic events while misrepresenting themselves as authentic ITF experts.

Please be advised from this day forward that those who support the "Tul Tour" in Korea or affiliate themselves with the company operating the tour, will be expelled from the ITF and have their certification revoked.

I trust this message is clear.

Choi, Jung Hwa
International Taekwon-Do Federation


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Added: 27th August 2012
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