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Although all days are created equal, there are certain days on our calender where we follow rituals and traditions that cause us to reflect and set goals for the days ahead. Perhaps there is no better day for this practice than New Year's day itself. The annual practice of reflection and goal setting that takes place on New Year's day is a great starting point for the beginner Martial Artist. As we mature and develop our Martial Art senses, we must learn to use this technique more often. Perhaps monthly at first until eventually we develop the habit of reflecting on our actions three times per day and then use that information to live better in the present and plan more effectively for the future. Martial Artists exceed the normal expectations from good citizens and must strive to adopt practices that require discipline to implement however will yield results that continue to demonstrate the strong values of true Martial Artists.

2012 will bring many things to many people however we must never lose site of the fact that we control our own destiny and that our future will be a product of how we live in the present and how we use our experiences to educate ourselves and improve.

As always, I wish only the best for my fellow practitioners, today, tomorrow and for the coming year.

Choi, Jung Hwa

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