Taekwon, The ITF mourns today along with Master Michael Muleta

Taekwon, The ITF mourns today along with Master Michael Muleta of Australia over the loss of his Mother. As grief yields to reflection of a long and fruitful like, we are reminded of the sacrifices made by the great parents and supporters of the ITF. Indeed, one must wonder tonight as millions of parents around the world finish their daily work, rush home to gather their children and escort them to their Taekwon-Do classes, who among them is nurturing the passion that will see their children grow to become respected Masters and world leaders. Without the dedication of parents like Mrs. Muleta, our ITF leaders would simply not exist and the good that they spread would instead be replaced by an un-satisfied need for strength and leadership. There comes a time when we all must leave this world for the next and great parents leave a living legacy embodied by their children who carry qualities instilled by them and reinforced by traditional Martial Art training. On behalf of myself and the rest of my Taekwon-Do family spread throughout the world, we thank Mrs. Muleta and offer support and condolences to Master Muleta and the rest of his family during this difficult time.

Yours In Taekwon-Do,

Choi, Jung Hwa

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Added: 2nd December 2011
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