Lee Won Il

As Taekwon-Do continues to flourish all over the world, it is easy to forget that the ITF was established less than 50 years ago. The passion for the art was ignited in so many by the selfless contributions of great Pioneers like Grand Master Lee-Won Il. Indeed, there would be few in our history who could match the dedication and loyalty of Grand Master Lee.
When our founder, General Choi, selected Grand Master Lee to introduce Taekwon-Do in Spain, he knew his new art would be represented by a true Martial Artist. The high standard of Taekwon-Do in Spain is certainly testament that General Choi was right. In this age of braggarts and fraudsters, Grand Master Lee remains a cherished link to the proud tradition of Martial Arts and a valuable mentor to the great students and Instructors in Spain and the ITF as a whole.


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