Tragic loss

It is a sad day for Taekwon-Do. We have lost a great friend, student, instructor and mentor in Bulgaria. I understand Mr. Todorov's wife also past away last week in a car accident. May they both rest in peace. I know from my dealings with Mr. Todorov, he was a true gentleman.


Master Rai

Mr Todorov

Thank you Master Rai for your post. Mr. Todorov was a very close friend of mine and he will be trully missed by all that knew him. It is tragic that we not only lost Mr. Todorov but also his wife just two weeks ago in car accident. They leave behind two lovely children - Biliana 1.5 years old and Dean 5 years old. We have created a foundation for these two children and I will post on the ITF web site and TKD Source with further details for those that would like to help. May our friends rest in peace!


Alek Milanov

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Added: 5th October 2009
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