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Moves 14 & 15

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Tue 13th Apr 2010 09:10
O. Braemer

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Hi to all

enzyclopedia says: perform 14 and 15 in fast motion.
in the the technical area is no statement about that, so that I guess it will be in normal motion.
is this correct?


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Top Wed 26th May 2010 18:11
G Horan

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When we train with Master Nicholls we perform 14 & 15 in a fast motion!

It may be missed from the text by error on this site. I will check with Mr Skyrme and Master Nicholls next time we train. Unless you have already sorted out the answer.

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Top Sat 11th Aug 2012 05:02
gerald w hartley
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hi,Mr. Hartley( VI dan) here from Legacy TKD in Pottstown,Pa.Checked Tong-Il,those two moves are normal speed.The only kicks that I know that are slow are the ones in Moon-Moo.Also,from informtion that was chnged,the two plam pressing blocks have chaged recently form slow motion to normal speed also
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