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High Back Kick

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Sat 18th Jul 2009 12:23
O. Braemer

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Hi to all,

at the IIC in June in England there was said, that both Back Kicks are at middle section.
But in the Technical Area the second Kick is still in High section.
Will this be corrected?

Best regards

Olaf Braemer

Learning is a process which never ends and where you have to be afraid to forget what you have learned.

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Top Mon 20th Jul 2009 09:09
Mark Skyrme

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Hi Olaf,

Master Choi did mention that back kicks are mainly performed at middle section and performing them at high section would place unnecessary strain on the body and thus effect there effectiveness. However I was under the impression that Master Choi stated that we would follow the instruction from the book for now.

Once the technical committee has formulated and distributed all the content from the recent course we will update the website to reflect all the amendments, which should clarify this as well.

Hope all is well in Germany

Best Regards
Mark Skyrme

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it is easy to add to things already invented.

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