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Kodang Tul

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Sun 4th Oct 2009 15:37
Erick Mezzoni

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Taekwon everyone...

I wanna know whats gonna happen with the meaning of this pattern? The name Is kodang, the move are form Juche but the meaning of the pattern which will be?


Erick Mezzoni
Yours in Taekwon-Do
Erick Mezzoni
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당신은 무엇을 감히 할 수

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Top Wed 8th Sep 2010 16:51
Joseph Marrero

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Just recived this email that awnsers your question:
Definition of Kodang

Kodang is the Pseudonyn of the patriot Cho Man Shik, who dedicated his life to the Korean Independence Movement and to the education of his people.

The 45 movements represent the last two figures of 1945, the year Korea was liberated from Japanese occupation.

Master Parm Rai

Chairman-Technical Committee



Joseph Marrero

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