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Korean equivalent for "lifting both fists"

Po-Eun Movements 2 & 20
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Thu 4th Aug 2011 13:41
Bob Borja

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Can anyone provide the Korean equivalent to the Po-Eun Tul Movements 2 & 20; specifically, the Korean equivalent to ... lifting both fists ... 

 Waebal so + ... ?

Thank you.

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Top Sun 4th May 2014 04:58
James R Simons
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This is a very good question. Unfortunate that it was not answered or responded to in about 3 years.

I think the object of the question is to determine what the application of movements 2 &20 are. I had hoped to generate a discussion on that but will instead have to do so on my school's website. This would have been the ideal place, but these forums are not really live.
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