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Support to the forefist on back elbow, moves 9 and 27

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Mon 22nd Mar 2010 16:22
Mike Cude

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Hi sirs, ma'am's,

In the pattern information on this site moves 9 and 27 (thrust with back elbow) are detailed as the forefist being supported with the palm of the opposite hand.  However, the photos in the 15 volume (Vol 11) encyclopedia show the finger belly supporting the forefist not the palm and the description of the technique in vol 3 (page98) states finger belly "normally used", (condensed P157)

Can it be clarified if it is the finger belly or the palm that should be supporting the forefist on the back elbows within this pattern?



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Top Wed 24th Mar 2010 22:16
bernadette doyle

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Hi Sir


I agree sir that the pictures in volume 11 clearly show the finger belly being used, also movements 10 and 28 state "slipping the palm onto the elbow joint" however from the top view photo's it shows the finger belly resting on the joint.

All the techniques that use a target or a "cover" for the attacking tool, ie movement 27 in Gae Baek, the fingers do not extend beyond the joint or tool in question.

Another instance of this is in the pattern Yul Gok, movements 24 and 27, "striking the palm with the elbow", If the tool were to strike the palm as stated in the manuals then the fingers would protrude beyond the point of the elbow which is incorrect.

as a last point, personally, I think that the beauty of the techniques would be diminished if the fingers were sticking out and visible from the rear.




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