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Direction on move 35

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Wed 16th May 2012 07:57

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My instructor brought up the confusion of the direction on this move recently. When moving from 34, a Rt WS toward A, to the next Lft WS toward there a direction CE? it would seem the actual direction is slightly left of D, or direction DB. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you very much.


John Carnahan
John Carnahan - ITFUSITF -- Alaska, USA
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Top Wed 16th May 2012 20:58
Mike Cude

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Mr Carnahan

Hi sir, I would agree there is probably an error on the pattern information on the website.

The direction of the stance is indicated as CE, (a direction between C and E), on move 35. The direction of the stance has changed by pivoting the feet, not actually moving them, from move 34, but the left foot is on C (or very near to it) so should the stance actually be facing F, DF or BD depending on how you view the stance direction? I would guess my stance changes direction anti-clockwise by about 120-135 degrees from move 34 to move 35. Certainly the block and stance cannot be in the same direction as indicated by move 35 and the direction of the circular block on this move should probably be DE not CE.

Sorry that this doesn't really help with the exact walking stance direction but to a certain extent it shouldn't matter because move 34's right walking stance faces A and as you pivot the feet to make a left walking stance it can only be to face one specific direction to make the correct stance, and hence direction of block thereafter.

Hopefully, someone of a higher grade and greater knowledge than I can provide us with further guidance.


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