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Self Defense Facts

False and Truths
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Wed 13th Aug 2008 06:35
Jack Martin

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Hello, I have been researching self defense material/teachings that have been circulating around the USA and potentially, the internet.  The email or emails represent themselves to be ligitiment about how to deter assaults primarily on females and information on what makes women more subsceptible to assault by predators.

I know there are some non-ITF organizations that take this internet information as fact as I was forwarded this information personally.   What has been distributed as facts, has been proven false and the below listed link gives actual information regarding this misinformation.


As a Student/Instructor in the ITF, I believe in critique and not criticism, so I hope you find the below listed information interesting.  Thumbs Up





Jack Martin, IVth



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Top Wed 13th Aug 2008 13:19

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Mr. Martin

I get alot of these e-mails as well. I have been invited to, and of heard of alot of crazy seminars/ classes like using a cane, sword, etc. I think if you do not train with a certain weapon on a regular basis ( 2 times a week) you are just fooling yourself and your students that you can defend against it. I have done knive self defense classes several times but if someone comes at me with a knife, I run. Training against slowed down pre-aranged attacks to me is just giving myself a false sence of security because that is not the way it will go down in the street. And I would feel terrible if I gave my students 5 or 6 classes a year of this type of training, they got fooled into thinking they could defend against a knife and then they actually got stabbed in the street.


John Szostek
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