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Master Rai Seminar in Pennsylvania

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Mon 21st Apr 2008 14:35
Richard Hollenbach

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Master Parm Rai, VII Dan and Special Assistant to President Choi Jung Hwa will be conducting a Seminar in Souderton Pennsylvania on Saturday May 31, 2008 from 10am - 2pm, hosted by Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-do school.  For more information about the seminar, contact the school at 215-721-1839 or
Thanks and Taekwon,
Rich Hollenbach, II Dan
Rich Hollenbach, II Dan
Mark Cashatt's TaeKwon-Do School
United TaeKwon-Do Federation (INO #142)


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Top Tue 22nd Apr 2008 04:08
Nick Malefyt

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Mr. Hollenbach (Rich),

As always I look forward to seeing you next month. Please give my best to Mr. C.

Master Rai's seminars are always both educational and physically "fun" - see you there!

Nick Malefyt, V Dan
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