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Articles of ITF Website Interest[closed]

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Wed 4th Jun 2008 07:38
Bob Borja

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Hello Mr. Skyrme,

Please inform what article subjects are looked upon with favor for publication on this  Website and what are not.

Such information could increase the number of articles submitted and also save effort on articles which most likely will not ever be published.

Thank you, Sir.

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Top Wed 4th Jun 2008 12:26
Mark Skyrme

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Hi, Mr Borja,
The ITF encourages any of it's members to submit articles on a multitude of topics/subjects. The decision for approval rests with the ITF, unfortunately i have no criteria as such but believe each article is individually assessed and can only suggest to keep submitting them. 
Sorry i could not be of any more assistance.
Mark Skyrme

facile est inventis addere.
it is easy to add to things already invented.

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