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How to Edit Forum Entries[closed]

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Tue 1st Apr 2008 18:13
Bob Borja

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Hello Mr. Skyrme,
Good to have met you again, this time in Cork last weekend at the IIC.

My question, how can Forum participants edit  their  posted entries?  For example, removal of excessive line spaces.

Thank you, Sir.

Bob Borja V

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Top Thu 3rd Apr 2008 09:04
Mark Skyrme

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Mr Borja,
Was good to catch up this weekend.
Post can only be edited 15 minutes after they have been submitted, this prevents abuse on the forum. I will amend the post in question for you.
You are able to preview all posts before you submit them from the tool bar across the top, when copying and pasting from other programs be careful not to add extra code in the background (eg. <Br>, <Div> etc) as this can effect the way posts are displayed. You can toggle between the editor and HTML view if that helps.
Mark Skyrme

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it is easy to add to things already invented.

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