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Changing Organization?

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Thu 30th Aug 2012 15:27
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Hello all.

The organization I was with, the UTF (MO #142), has been reclassified as dead. We have since joined the USITF Organization (INO #50). How do I change the organization on my profile? It seems to let me update most things, just not organization. I apologize if this was answered in another part of the forum. I looked around, but could not find it anywhere. I appreciate any help that can be provided. :-)

Rich Sames
VI Dan
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Top Sun 30th Sep 2012 01:41

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Greetings Sir -

I recently had to make some changes to my account and was informed by the organization to send my request to:

And simply outline the changes that you request.

I too am with the USITF and am very grateful to work with Master Wheatley and have been fortunate to have tested under him twice now. It is individuals like Master Wheatley that make the ITF what it is. Welcome!

John Carnahan - ITFUSITF -- Alaska, USA
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Top Thu 4th Oct 2012 13:00
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Thank you Sir! Taekwon!
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Top Wed 2nd Oct 2013 19:28
Andrew Waldron
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You guys are fortunate. Try changing from WTF to ITF, then finding out you're not ITF. Was in WKC affiliate and BMABA who are quite good as it goes. In the UK it is quite difficult to establish which organisation are true NGB's from those set up and are stand alone. Thankfully back to ITF but awaiting ratification. I've been in this art for 32 years was demoted from 1st Dan WTF around 20 ago and made start from 4th Kup. Managed to work way back to 3rd Dan. Also studied other arts such as Akai Hino Kai, Muay Thai, Traditional Karate and Japenese Sword... Maybe one day we can receive combined recognition....
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