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2010 World Championships

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Thu 10th Jul 2008 15:18
Chris Reid

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Taekwon! The World Championship website is now up and running. Of course it will be updated as time moves on, however in the mean time, have a look and don't be shy about sending in your videos. We'd love to see them and share them with the ITF community.


Chris Reid

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Top Sat 12th Dec 2009 17:07
Bob Borja

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Hi Sir,

It seems that the given website does not work. ?

I am looking for any published rules on full/hard contact sparring, as I understand will be the case with WTF practitioners joining us for Chayu Matsogi.

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Top Sun 20th Dec 2009 05:51
Evan Jarrett

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Good afternoon Sir's,

I too am very interested in this event as I plan on competing. In my searches I have found a bit of information about the Korean classic open etc

I would be very interested in any more information that comes to hand.

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