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What is allowed at tournaments and not!

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Sun 24th Feb 2008 23:56
Mr Snow

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   I have a question in 1999 the late General Choi stated at a seminar that 'Todays sparring is like chicken fighting and I am going to push forward that all tecniques can be used in tournaments' sadly in 2002 he passed on.
The question is - are students allowed to use all the tecniques like back fist, ridge hand, hammer fist etc in ITF sparring now, as many videos I have viewed seem only to be punchers rather then using the tecniques mentioned, Which I believe the General wanted this.
Look forward to your reply.
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Top Mon 25th Feb 2008 09:54
Mark Skyrme

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Hi Chris,
Extracted from the Official rules:

Article 33


A) Head and neck area at the front and sides but not at the back.

B) Trunk of the body from neck to navel vertically and from a line drawn from the armpit vertically down to the waist on each side (that is frontal area only excluding the back).


Article 34


A) One point will be awarded for:

Hand attack directed to mid or high section.

Foot attack directed to mid section.

Hand attacks while are in air to mid section.


B) Two points will be awarded for: Foot attack directed to high section.

Jumping or flying kick directed to mid section.

Hand attack while is in air directed to high section.


C) Three points will be awarded for:

Jumping or flying kick directed to high section.


Article 35


The technique will be valid when:

A) Correct execution in a proper distance.

B) Dynamic, with power, speed and accuracy.

C) The execution must be controlled and in the correct target.


Note the above does not restrict the competitor from using any technique

Mark Skyrme

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Top Mon 25th Feb 2008 12:47
Mr Snow

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argh thats good, we have been teaching this at our schools so there is no real change for us,
Thanks for the reply sir.
Tae Kwon
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Top Sun 13th Apr 2008 15:17
David Sims
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Would a spinning backfist be ok to use in a competition, if it was controlled? I think that if not then you could question any technique where you do not look before you strike, just a thought!

Tae Kwon!
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Top Mon 28th Apr 2008 10:26

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I remember being allowed to use spinning back fists at tournaments in the 90's. However, one reason it was banned was the that the technique generated massive force, not only that but alot of elbows became the attacking tools by accident, resulting in facial injury.
Also it gives the competitor the excuse to turn the back and cover which is against the main body of the rules.
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