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World Championships 2007

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Sat 11th Aug 2007 16:56
Bob Borja

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Congratulations to Master Trevor Nicholls, Mr. Mark Skyrme and other members of the organizing committee for a superbly planned and executed Taekwon-Do World Championship 1- 5 August in Birmingham, England. 

Having organized in 1998 a European championship in Germany, I can appreciate the amount of planning and workload involved in putting together such a big and important event. 

The self-developed online application process on the live championship website and the  sparring scoring system based on iPods certainly set new standards.  Both systems can make the work of organizers for future championships much easier. 

Out-sourced photo coverage of contestants with fast turn-around times plus martial arts supply sale stands by the National Indoor Arena (NIA) entrances were nice touches.  The venue selection near an international airport, in the roomy NIA, and in that part of Birmingham with nice hotels and plentiful tourists site added to a memorable visit for the many foreign competitors and spectators.  

The breaking and special techniques machines were innovative and well constructed originals.  Many potential future championship organizers were seen examining and photographing those machines. 

The light and sound effects used on the finals day gave the exciting impression of a professional boxing event held in Las Vegas.  The atmosphere was electrifying.  Surely our deserving champions are thankful for really being treated like champions. 

With 32 countries represented by nearly 700 competitors, our International Taekwon-Do Federation rightly can be proud of a superbly planned and executed world championship. 

For Taekwon-Do Central and myself, a hardy thank you for the absolutely superb performance! 

Robert Borja  V


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Top Mon 13th Aug 2007 13:08

Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do
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I would like to commend Master Nicholls and the organizing committe for a very memorable and exciting World Championships.
It was nice to see everyone and be able to put faces to many names.  Alot of new friendships were made and old ones strenghtened.
The new computer system for bracketing and the actual computer scoring system was very successful and inovative.
The venue was beautiful and electrifying.
I would like to congratulate all atheletes for their hard work.  Your techniques were of high standard and I can say President Choi was very pleased with the level of competition.
On behalf of the Canadian organizing commitee for the 2010 World Championships, we look forward to seeing all of you in Ottawa Canada. 
Master Parm Rai
Special assistant to President Choi
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Top Wed 20th Jan 2010 10:59
Midnight Star

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I know this is an oooooold thread now, but i have to say, i went to Birmingham as a spectator for 2 days and it was fantastic!!!
I don't think everyday students realise how much thought, time, money and effort goes into hosting an event like this. I certainly didn't.
Well done indeed to Master N and Mr S (and everyone else involved) for making it a championships to remember.
That electronic scoring system was used at the Imperial English open 2008 i think too? Its a really good scoring system once you've got the knack of it! (it took me a while when judging patterns!).
Very good sor scoring the sparring too, and at least you cant have people waiting to lift their ribbon til they see (out the corner of their eye!) what other people have scored!
I have ended up scoring the complete opposite to the other 3 corner ref's before (and i'm sure it must look like i'm being awkward!) but sometimes the centre ref is always in the way of me seeing a clean shot and i wont score it unless i've seen it.

I hope the worlds or Europeans come to the UK again sometime.
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Top Wed 20th Jan 2010 17:58
bernadette doyle

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The Europeans will be in Cork in the South of Ireland in June 2011! so not to far to travel. They are being held in the Neptune stadium which is a great venue, though the car park is tiny, just enough room for the ambulances! have you ever travelled to Ireland? its the best place on earth!
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Top Wed 20th Jan 2010 19:24
Midnight Star

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Joined: 08/02/2007
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ooh thats not too far then!
Only thing is....i'm meant to be saving for canada 2012. sadly i cant afford to go to them all.
i wanna go to Rome 2014 too.
Lets hope i win the lottery by then! lol
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