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Macho, Granmarc & Top Ten

Sparring Equipment
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Tue 12th Feb 2008 11:30
Joel Ashley Wilson

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last year whilst attending the World championships and the umpires' course, there was a clear message that only dipped foam equipment was allowed for any international tournament mainly produced by Granmarc and Macho.

Also the dipped form equipment had to be rounded instead of the Macho Warrior set that consists of foam layers that has corners which can cause cuts even though it has more padding on the pressure striking points than standard padding.

should we completely use dipped foam on all competition levels or is it ok to still use Top Ten/Leather covered foam equipment excluding International Tournaments?

at the last European championships in Germany, dipped foam was not primarily used, Top Ten & leather equipment was the chosen equipment. those without the leather equipment could use dipped foam.

as each country and organisation will vary on available suppliers and preferred equipment, how can you guess what type of equipment to take to what country without breaking their preference or the ITF regulations?
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Top Tue 12th Feb 2008 17:27
Mark Skyrme

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Hi Joel,
This has been a topic of many conversation, should we and if so how would we go about standardising equipment across the world. There are many pros' and cons' for both types you mention.
One suggestion was to state that a certain weight in glove was required (eg. 10oz) this of course would be closed finger as used in boxing. That way your not specifying manufacturer just the general specifications of a glove. You could go further and require it to meet AIBA standards but this will increase the purchase cost 3 fold. The argument against weighted gloves was it increases the intention to hit harder, and falls out side our remit as we are semi contact.
In the semi contact arena i myself prefer the dipped foam as it gives more feedback. When you step up to full contact you will include hand wraps with a heavier glove, so you tend toward the Top Ten style.
The official stance from the ITF is as follows:

Article 9


A) Obligatory Protection: all the obligatory safety equipment or optional equipment must be approved by the T.C. and ITF. Competitors must have in possession 2 pair of safety equipment: one red and one blue.

 1. Safety equipment on their hands and feet

 2. Groin guard protection of Male (it must be inside the Dobok trousers).

B) Optional safety equipment

 3. Shin protectors

 4. Forearm protectors

 5. Breast protector

 6. Mouth guards

C) That Competitors cannot wear any other protection or safety equipment

D) All competitors with injuries which require bandaging, strapping of any type or special protection must be approved by the Referee before performing i.e. in the bandaging no pins or hard material can be worn that give extra support which constitute an advantage to that competitor.

E) No jewellery, watches or other adornments may be worn. Hair may be kept in place using a material of a soft elastic nature only no grips or slides are allowed.


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Top Tue 12th Feb 2008 21:43
Joel Ashley Wilson

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 6 Replies: 25
hi Mr Skyme,

thanks sir for the response. i've been a little confused with whether to take the top ten route or stick to the ITF regulation equipment of dipped foam.
my only main concern with dipped foam is that i find i seem to fly through feet and hands as they seem to deteriorate and disintegrate to the point that they do not provide the proper cover to the strike tools. i realize that if they get to that state they need replacing but generally a set of dipped foam only seems to last a year of competition before they have to be thrown away and replaced.

but with the research into the equipment in place, dipped foam seems the logical choice to restrict forceful strikes and limit physical damage to both competitors.
thanks again,
Taekwon Joel
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Top Fri 21st Mar 2008 22:54
John Riordan

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Hi All,
I would respectfully disagree with the argument that wearing dipped foam gloves reduces the level of contact. Having attended and competed at WKA light contact tournemnts where 10oz gloves are mandatory, the level of contact in my opinion is less than at ITF tournaments. Also there are less facial injuries incurred due to the fingers not being exposed. Having said that, I would have no objection to the use of open hand gloves as long as the fingers and thumb are enclosed.
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Top Sun 23rd Mar 2008 20:57
Joel Ashley Wilson

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Joined: 04/12/2006
Topics: 6 Replies: 25
there are other dipped foam options, i use closed finger macho gloves in tournaments and training.

they are still open handed but the fingers and thumb have a guard to stop my fingers catching my opponent.
they are the macho rival base so appear exactly the same to the original set.
there are other options to counter the exposed fngers.
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