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Fri 4th Jul 2008 08:15
Bob Borja

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Hello Sirs,

Much work goes into writing a good thesis, as part of certain degree testing requirements.

It would be of good service if Administration would publish them on the ITF Website, perhaps with the consent of the authors.

Such would provide another professional development source.

Thank  you.

Bob Borja                         Taekwon-Do Central                          Germany

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Top Wed 9th Jul 2008 00:03
Mr Snow

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I agree, One of my students is taking 4th Dan in September, He has done an 8 page and it covers everything. The guy had no real clue what to right and what was expected so it was a stab in the dark. Having them here would give all the chance to gage what is expected. That said I think if you cover history and theory of power etc that is normally a good start.

Tae Kwon
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Top Wed 9th Jul 2008 16:32
Hayley Parker

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I think it would also serve to give students some ideas on the range of different subjects that can be studied. I wrote my 4th Degree thesis on "Smoking and Taekwon-do" as it held a particular interest to me. By profession I specialise in lung diseases and this seemed a natural combination of my two main interests in life.
I asked TKD students to answer a questionnaire on past and present smoking behaviours, and compared the results to the UK's national figures. There were some interesting trends, not least that rates of smoking generally appeared to decrease as grade (i.e. length of training) increased. A positive observation.
I know of theses that have covered a huge variety of subjects including motivation, training whilst pregnant, and historical aspects of TKD.

I agree it would be good to share that knowledge.

What other subjects have people written about?


Hayley Parker, V
Post # 4
Top Tue 22nd Jul 2008 17:27
Michael Munyon

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Something came to mind when I was writing my paper. What about those in countries who don't have access to computers/type writters? Do they hand write them and additionally, what about those who have a "different" education level. I'm sure the education system of one country might be different then that of another. I use the APA and/or MLA writing style for my papers. Some folks just type their paper and put a simple title at the top. So, what are the standards for writing a paper?
Michael Munyon, VI Dan
US-ITF Armed Forces Director
Serving America, Armed Forces and the ITF
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Top Sat 7th Mar 2009 17:21

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When i wrote my thesis it was a very personal detail of how taekwondo has changed and affected my life,  this may also be the case for a lot of other people whilst i beleive in sharing and imparting knowledge,  the subjects covered within my own personal thesis were entirely that, personal so i would be reluctant to share

however upon reflection if it was completly anonymous then i suppose there would be no problem.

I do agree it would be a very helpful tool for those having to do the thesis as i puzzled for weeks before finally settling on a theme for mine

best regards

Dave Miles

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Top Fri 29th Oct 2010 16:40

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Does anybody know-
1) Who reads the thesis?
2) If the thesis is deemed too short, too lacking etc.. can this effect the candidates promotion?
3) If the content of the thesis is deemed to be incorrect, or too opinionated what happens then?
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Top Sun 31st Oct 2010 18:50
bernadette doyle

Joined: 18/06/2007
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Im so glad this thread came up.
Having left school at 15 to do a YTS course (remember them, 25 per week wage!) I do not have any experience of writing academically.
where do I start?!
I know what I want to write, however actually putting pen to paper is difficult.
I would like to write about moral culture (Jungshin Sooyang) and how it relates to the West and modern day living. Im looking after both my parents and somedays it gets so bad, Taekwon do literally saves my life! and quite possibly theirs!
If someone could perhaps suggest how you would go about structuring a thesis I would be most grateful
thank you
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Top Mon 1st Nov 2010 13:09
Mark Skyrme

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I remember the YTS (Opps showing my age)

I have been lucky enough to see quite a few that have been submitted over the years, one thing i noticed is they are purely personal. There is no right or wrong per-say its a matter of perspective.

Bernadette, I would outline the idea, then show any research findings followed by a summary of how you interpret them. Finally finish off with some personal history.

Hi Mike,
1. The ITF
2. It could do
3. You can never be too opinionated, as long as you keep them to yourself

facile est inventis addere.
it is easy to add to things already invented.

Post # 9
Top Mon 1st Nov 2010 15:26
bernadette doyle

Joined: 18/06/2007
Topics: 4 Replies: 13
Thank you Mr Skyrme,
I'l get cracking and start researching!

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