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Chambering hands for punch with side-percing kick

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Wed 27th Dec 2017 23:22

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Greetings - I have observed several varying styles of chambering the hands prior to performing a high punch with side-piercing kick, from none, to placing backfists together and extending the punching arm in a manner similar to a side strke with the side fist (the reaction force hand pulled to hip) - the result is the punchig fist extended above kicking leg as if a punch was executed. This specific chambering and execution technique is cleary exemplified in many videos from multiple instructors and practioners - some within our ITF Organization. With the Nationals just around the corner, this detail could be important for competitors in executing their patterns properly. Your insight is appreciated. Thank you kindly -


John Carnahan - ITFUSITF -- Alaska, USA
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Top Mon 26th Feb 2018 14:44
Trevor Nicholls

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Master Horan UK ITF - Response

Gen Choi explained it as a punch incase the side kick was anticipated and your opponent closed you down. Therefore, as it is a punch then it should be delivered as a punch and not a side fist side strike.
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