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chang moo kwan

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Mon 21st Jan 2013 00:47
Frederick J. Quick Jr.
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Hello, my name is Fred. I've been training and teaching Taekwon-do  for 43 years. My Grandmaster is Grandmaster Byung-Chul Yu 9th Dan. We are certified under the Chang Moo Kwan. I recently joined the ITF. I want to be able to get myself and my students certified under the ITF. Does the ITF recognize the Chang Moo Kwan's certifications? Thank You                                                                                                                                                                           
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Top Wed 23rd Jan 2013 08:58
Trevor Nicholls

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Joined: 04/12/2006
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The ITF offers an exchange/update of certificate for WTF Kukkiwon and GTF Park Jung Tae. All and any other certificate transfer is reviewed when an application by an INO /MO is submitted after completing any training program necessary

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Top Fri 12th Apr 2013 16:21
Bosse W
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Joined: 31/05/2012
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What is the procedure for exchanging a Kukkiwon degree?

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