For the past four years my daughters have been training in Tae Kwon Do, Age 9 and 12 both have never been great at competition and in the start they hated being dragged to the classes to learn, Esp the 12 year old as she done TKD befor and I failed her on her 5th Kup so she jacked it and said never again -  Then little sis said 'Me want to do Tae Kwon Do about 15 months later' so they both came and at first they did not like it so i said give it a few months......
But now both have friends at class and have achieved a lot from the classes, The oldest competes in every event held in the uk possible and yes she's won a few medals now.
Like me they are addiccted to it and any thing to do with the art.
Today she took her 1st Kup and did she work for it, At a point she was attempting some breaking and started to cry cos the board would not break - I said you cry you fail harsh I know but the learning of a Martial Art means to me you have to be tougth in spirit and can not show waekness, As she is 12 the exam board allowed her to use the preasure pad and she passed.
Personally as a parent I think teaching your kids Martial Arts is the best gift you can give them aside a great life. I hope that in October she will join the rank of Black Belt and try and achieve better then what I can in here tournament carreer. Tae Kwon Do has united us loads and I love the fact I am able to teach them such a great art, be it that I am oftern hard on them as they are my blood.
Anyone else teach there family out there? and do you feel the same?
I am proud of both of them and proud I can give them the skills that will help in there lives.
Sorry I just wanted to share this with you all cos at this time I feel great, My nephew is taking his 2nd Dan next week but some how thats different.Ermm I do buzz from this fact but your own kids learning and gaining the BB under you is out this world....