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Testing and being asks to test

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Mon 14th Apr 2008 21:38
Michael Boik
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This question popped into my head. Many schools will have a list of students the teacher feels are ready to test for their next rank. My question is, would it be disrespectful to decline to test at that time.


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Top Mon 14th Apr 2008 21:55

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I think so yes.
If the instructor feels a student is ready, well then they are ready and should give it their best shot.
Unless the reason for not testing is a valid one, the student should go ahead with the test.

Just my thoughts
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Top Tue 15th Apr 2008 11:51
Bob Borja

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Mr. Boik,

To decline is likely to be seen as disrespectful by both the trainer and other students; but surely a good trainer can understand if a good reason is made known to him.

However, if at all possible, it would be practical to test when the trainer decides that a student is ready from the viewpoint that the student may be unable to test at a preferred later date due to health (i.e., weather related sickness), family, school (i.e., trips & exams), or professional reasons.

You asked a good question I can imagine many good students ask of themselves, at times.

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Top Tue 15th Apr 2008 12:39
Mr Snow

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Sir, I refused rank 4 times as to me i was dealing with my father who had cancer and it was too much to cope with, Just attending class and just losing the stress in my life for the hours I was there was more beneficial, After he passed I took the grades and passed with flying colours, Many have reasons for not promoting and as coaches we have to understand that all our lives are different. I know once my cercumstances changed I was able to move up with out worry as the time on the mat had strengthened my tecniques and attitude.

In fact I have a red belt lady who has missed 1st Kup test 3 times now due to work, yet she is a fab Tae Kwon Do'ist but if she cant make the area exam she can not grade. It annoys me loads but I have to just grin and bare it - She would be better as a 1st Dan as she would find sparring parters who would give her a good spar.

If they are plain lazy and no circumstances for delaying rank - yes that is disrespectful but not every one is interested in promotions. Just my opinion though Smile
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Top Tue 15th Apr 2008 12:51
Michael Boik
Joined: 15/04/2007
Topics: 11 Replies: 35
Thank you for your answers. I think that the student feels he/she wants to show their best and feel they can do better if they wait. This is whats great about having a teacher who can objectively measure you knowledge and skill. A student will always be self contious of their skill. It takes a good teacher to push you sometimes.



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