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Happy Birthday to Taekwon-Do

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Fri 11th Apr 2008 16:31
Master Rai

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I would like to wish all practioners of Taekwon-Do a very Happy Birthday.  It is amazing how far Taekwon-Do has come along since this day when Gen. Choi founded this great art.  I would like to personally wish President Choi and his family a Happy Birthday. Gen. Choi always used to say we are one big family adn that is so true when we look at the the committment of Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, students and all their families.
Yours in Taekwon-Do
Master Parm Rai
Special Assistant to President Choi.

Master Parm Rai

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Top Fri 11th Apr 2008 20:17
Michael Boik
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY indeed. I think Gen. Choi is proud of what he accomplished with the help of all the instructors around the world, looking down at all those practicing the Art he gave us. It's great when you can type Taekwon-Do into a search engine and find vast information out there that you couldn't find years ago.


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Top Sat 12th Apr 2008 13:28

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I would love to wish everyone a happy birthday. I just returned from a testing with Master Wheatley, Master Lees and Master Batch on of arts birthday. All the testees did great. It was a very hard, detailed test. Now we are off to a seminar to improve on what we already have. hopefully wont be hard on us old folks. Its great to see all my USITF buddy all together in the same place for a couple of days training together, Life doesn't get much better.


John Szostek
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